Eco Motel Business Plan

Professional Summary

The present hospitality together with tourism sector finds themselves under peril, almost as being a direct reaction of the improved awareness of the impact that is becoming Imposed by relatively new trend that is realize as problems change.

The market:

As an marketplace the resort and hospitality sectors expect to have an abundance for establishments, specially in the Significantly greater Miami areas. In essence it could possibly therefore get argued there’s no need for just one more hotel. The answer to this standpoint is that the offered ECO-REST lodging project provides two exclusive and different features and even benefits that come with it having a potentially new customers model which will, to a great extent, is going to enable often the hotel to develop its own topic marketplace. Deeper, the diversification into the non-profit arena, with the objective of serving excess source of income out to assist community based environmentally good projects, does show the fact that the non-profit motel organisation can lead to change in an effective manner and another that involves any member of the local community.


Research has found that the business and leisure traveller increasingly becoming more scary; In particular this reveals alone in the issues that are being listed relating to online business response to climate change. The particular overwhelming most of consumers these days believe that it is a duty within the hotel buyer to include things like the improvement along with changes wanted to combat climate change and they are ready to pay reduced to those buildings that can confirm they have taken eco-friendly systems and structures within their functional procedures and methods of currency trading. With 79% of travellers being for in favour of this position it is sharp that there is a purpose for the hospitality organisations that will adapt their own objectives into a set of principles that takes into consideration the demands with the consumer as well as face the environmental issue. 続きを読む