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This weekend, we have a 12-fight card at Minnesota. DraftKings has some strong competitions for us to acquire a lot of cash from this week. The most important GPP is a $15 buy and $25k belongs to 1st place with a total of $130k being paid out. They also have a Qualifier only contest for $175,000. There will be 100 qualifiers for that contest and they’ll compete for a $50k first location cost and $175k will probably be distributed between all 100 admissions that match. There are only 14 more seats remaining so that there will not be much more time to be eligible if you are attempting to. I will attempt to get my 3rd seat this week to max it if I can. Those Qualifier only contests can be real bankroll suckers, so be careful chasing those overly hard. I’ll probably stick to the very best GPP this week and then throw a small number of entries at that $25k prize, then I will probably take a couple shots at the Q. I will also be posting H2Hs as well as picking up H2Hs throughout the week to get a good quantity of drama into cash games.
With that said, let’s get to a couple plays I enjoy this week Together with my fade of this week:
Cash Game play of the week — Jared Gordon — $9,200
I enjoy Gordon to get the win this weekend and he will be a cash game play of mine personally. There are far better struggles to target if we are on the lookout for 1st round knockouts but I’ll be focusing more on people in GPPs. I like the ground and the ceiling of Gordon here and that’s why he’s the cash play of the week. I don’t think Moret has got the power to really examine the chin of Gordon’s that has seemed to be his main weakness lately. With the speed Gordon sets I presume he’s 100+ upside into a choice win and I really don’t see him becoming finished here so he ought to have a solid floor. I believe his floor in a triumph is likely 80+ as well which is totally fine for money games. This is a tricky weak, however this is my personal preferred cash game spot of the week.
GPP play of the week — Francis Ngannou — $8,800
I needed to go with Ngannou here. When he wins it is probably that a 1st round knockout. Which is +100 on the betting line. If he receives that 1st round KO, he then scores over 100 DK points and at his $8.8k salary which will place him on the $25k lineup. He’ll be quite chalky this week though so make sure you load him up if you’re multi-entering if you want to find leverage within the field. I do think JDS is a live underdog here as well, so I will be targeting both sides of this fight, but I do observe 100-105 DK points coming from Ngannou here which could beat a good deal of the fighters priced above him.
Underdog drama of the week — Junior Albini — $8,000
I really don’t love this card this week since I am not picking any real underdogs with any confidence. Albini is the only man who would be regarded as an underdog that I do believe will win and I did pick him put 1u on him as my free bet of the week. On DraftKings we are getting him $200 less than Greene but that I would not be shocked if Albini was the favorite on the gambling line going into the fights. With these guys being Heavyweights, it does not take much to get a knockout and should Albini can do that at $8k he can give me a run in the optimal lineup.
Fade of the week — Emily Whitmire $8,500
I faded Whitmire in her preceding fight as well and she burned me by scoring a 1st round entry. I’m going back to the fade though and hoping the same doesn’t happen. On a card where I’m choosing basically each favorite, I’d rather pick the fighters with 1st round knockout upside over Whitmire in her 8.5k price label. I am not certain that going to the ground is in her very best interest in this struggle and when she stays standing I do not see her paying off value in a win. If I was making 150 lineups this week then I’d be taking some shots on Whitmire, however that I will likely only make ~20 and that I won’t make my participant pool with that many lineups.
Thanks for reading this and good luck this weekend! If you would like my full-card breakdown where I breakdown every struggle about the card and give my full DraftKings analysis, as well as all my pick predictions, then you’ll find that for only $7.99 at this link below:
(Premium bets are offered at that link as well. I am 83-52 for +251.89un (+$25,421) because May 19th, 2018 on Premium Plays)
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UFC 226 Predictions and Betting Odds

International Fight Week culminates in UFC 226, one of the best cards on paper we’ve seen in a while. This card is piled to bottom — I would seriously recommend watching nearly every one the bouts with this card but that doesn’t always lend itself well to bettors. Don’t worry, I am here to bring you an in-depth breakdown and forecast for every fight on the primary card of UFC 226.
2018 Prediction Record To Date
Straight Up Selecting Notifications Picking Underdogs
27-19 23-13 4-6
Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier
Miocic (-250) has built his match around his world-class boxing abilities. He constantly probes with his long jab as he waits for his opportunity to cancel. That being said, Miocic could be better when he’s fighting in a phone booth with much more power in his short punches than most people have, period. In addition, the reigning winner is a former D1 wrestler that has adapted his style excellently to MMA. Ordinarily, these skills are used defensively but Miocic may also use them offensively to wear down opponents — see his latest bout vs Francis Ngannou. When he has one big drawback, it is his defense. He’s got a terrible tendency to take a hit to provide a hit.
Cormier (+195) is first and foremost a chain wrestling expert. The former Olympian is at his finest when he could get his competitor’s back from the cage and start working his vast selection of takedowns. If he gets on top, DC is a master in making his opponent work while giving them go. His striking is not the sexiest but the meat-and-potatoes strategy has become an excellent secondary skill set for Cormier. Though he is proven as a heavyweight — 13-0 in the weight class — his height and reach disadvantage is going to probably be announced in this one.
Contrary to the gambling odds, I wouldn’t be shocked if Cormier won this struggle. The only man to beat him is Jon Jones. However, Miocic is an excellent fighter that will utilize his reach advantage over the smaller Cormier and the heavyweight champion’s wrestling background means he will not be steamrolled from the former Olympian.

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Is online gambling legal in the U.S.?

There is no U.S. National law against Gaming online

There is no U.S. national law against gaming online. At the national level, betting online is perfectly legal, due to the absence of a law against it. It is possible to run afoul of state law (notably in extremely conservative states), but there prosecution is extremely uncommon, and penalties are often minor.
U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway confessed in a House hearing that just placing wagers online doesn’t violate federal law. No American has ever been arrested, indicted, or prosecuted by the feds for gaming online, because there’s no law against it. If online gaming were illegal I wouldn’t be running his website for nineteen years, as an American citizen, residing in the U.S., using my actual name. And I sometimes gamble online, also, and I admit that openly, like I’m doing at this time.
This might be confusing because other outlets erroneously noted that Congress banned online gambling in 2006. Those reports are simply erroneous. The 2006 law makes it illegal for banks to move betting money when the stakes are already illegal (including from a country law), but doesn’t ensure it is illegal for players to create bets. The law just does not make or extend any ban on gambling itself. In reality, the legislation says quite clearly,”No provision of this subchapter shall be construed as altering, limiting, or extending any Federal or State legislation or Tribal-State compact prohibiting, permitting, or regulating gaming within the United States.” You can see for yourself by checking out the full text of the law.
Despite the fact that you do not violate any federal laws from putting bets online, it is not legal to conduct a gambling operation (i.e., to take bets), but in those few countries where it is explicitly legal and the operator is licensed. So don’t believe that you can begin an online casino or run Facebook raffles.
And yes, the FBI published a frightening warning online in which they claimed that placing bets online is against law. In short, they lied, and the DoJ finally reversed that position anyway. (more on that)
States where online gambling is explicitly legal
Very few states have specific laws against online gambling, although many have laws against gambling generally, which apply equally to online and offline gambling. A small handful of states have legalized online gambling, as long as you play one of the couple of approved online casinos. In some states, only certain kinds of gaming may be legal (e.g., poker). The states That Have legalized some Kind of online gambling are:
Delaware became the first state to legalize online gaming, in June 2012, and the next to start (Nov. 26, 2013). (USA Today, Delaware Online, Casino.org)
Nevada became the first nation to legalize online gambling (well, poker at least), on Feb. 21, 2013 (CBS) and launching on April 30. (LVRJ)
New Jersey became the third country to legalize online gambling (poker casino), signed into law in February 2013, and launch on Nov. 25th. (NJ Poker Online)
Be aware that Bovada will not accept players from these countries, nor will they take players out of Maryland or New York.
The District of Colmbia became the first jurisdiction to legalize online gambling in the U.S., in April 2011. However, the measure was repealed in February 2012 until it became lively. (NY Times)
State offenses of gambling are often misdemeanors
Even if countries do not permit players to gamble, the penalties are almost always mild. The only states where easy gaming is a felony would be the two Washingtons: Washington, DC, and Washington state. (origin ) In many states simple gaming is just a misdemeanor, and in Arkansas and Colorado it is a straightforward petty crime, like a traffic ticket. (source)
States with an online gaming prohibition
Even states that ban gambling generally usually don’t have a specific ban on online gambling. If it’s against the law to gamble in your nation, that applies offline and online, even if the law does not mention online. But a couple of states do specifically outlaw online gambling. Those countries are:
Nevada (go figure)
South Dakota
Source: Gambling Law U.S.
Participants convicted of violating State legislation I know of two cases in which a player ran afoul of state laws (in exceptionally conservative states), both of whom were billed under their state’s general anti-gambling legislation, not any special anti-online-gambling law:
North Dakota. Jeffrey Trauman paid a $500 fine on what was probably over $100,000 in online sports bet winnings, in 2003. (Betting & the Law)
Oklahoma. Online sports bettor Roland Benavides was charged in 2011 and in 2012 received a deferred sentence (meaning that if he doesn’t violate the terms of his probation, he will probably face no jail time). (Information OK)
Kentucky seized domain names A Kentucky judge agreed to let Kentucky capture 141 gambling-related domain names, on the spurious grounds that a domain name constituted a”gambling device” under state law. But even if it were clear that gaming domains violated Kentucky law, the seizure was still absurd, due to that logic any nation could seize any domain anywhere in the world when the website happened to violate its local law. In any case, as FlushDraw said,”Only a small number of US-based registrars complied, as well as the seizures themselves were left somewhat moot when nearly all of the affected domains relocated to non-US registrar services and stopped using”.com” domains.”
The Kentucky Court of Appeals promptly chased the seizure actions, but then the State appealed. I could not find any updates involving 2014-2018 (EFF 2008, KY appealed in 2009, 2014 ruling)
Taking bets is illegal It’s always been against federal law to take sports bets over the Web (not to create them). That is, you can’t set up a website and take sports bets from the general public. The law that prohibits that is called the Wire Act. For many years the feds said that the Wire Act applied to taking poker and casino stakes also. Then in 2011 they reversed themselves and stated the Wire Act applied only to sports. (Forbes) Subsequently in 2019 they reversed themselves again and returned to the previous position that the Wire Act indeed applies to accepting casino and poker stakes too. (source) Though again, placing bets stays perfectly legal under national law. The challenge would be finding a reputable place to playwith. Due to the legal issues, there aren’t many operators serving the entire U.S., and several of those which do are kind of sketchy. That’s why I advertise only Bovada on this site, because they’re the best one for U.S. players.
States can now offer sports gambling In May 2018, the Supreme Court overturned a law which illegal sports betting in all states but Nevada. This permits individual countries to legalize sports gambling if they choose to do so. However, the court’s ruling doesn’t talk to the Wire Act, therefore online sportsbooks nevertheless violate federal law (for the operator, not the participant ). (Forbes)

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Winners and losers of the 2019 NBA Draft

New Orleans Pelicans

Holy smokes did Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin net a lot of value for falling straight back to No. 8. In the majority of years, trading from their top five of this draft could be a remarkably risky move because draft worth tends to fall off a cliff at the No. 6 selection. But this isn’t most years; we’ve been hearing for months that the 2019 draft projected to be remarkably shallow following Williamson, RJ Barrett and Ja Morant. Griffin clearly felt he could slide back four slots out of No. 4 and still get the player he wanted, center Jaxson Hayes.
Utilizing ESPN’s Kevin Pelton nifty draft pick platform system to help set transactions like these in view, the Pelicans received 3,560 points in draft pick value (1,970 for No. 8; 1,220 for No. 17; 370 for No. 35) compared to 2,450 points going into Atlanta (2,440 to get No. 4; 10 for No. 57). That is a humongous gap in value. In addition to that, the Pelicans drop Solomon Hill’s $13 million contract. In addition to this, the Pelicans obtained Cleveland’s 2020 first-round pick, which will probably become a pair of second-rounders.
This is a heist by Griffin, who proceeds to conduct a clinic in his opening salvo. I am not in love with all the Hayes choice at No. 8. He’s a big pick-and-roll dunker in the Tyson Chandler mold, which is a fantastic fit on most rosters. But the Pelicans need shooters about Williamson to reevaluate his athleticism and Hayes has not shown any range outside the paint.
The fantastic thing is that Hayes has a really good stroke in the free throw line (74 percent last year at Texas), so he could possibly stretch out and develop a jumper. That said, Lonzo Ball may shatter the lob listing with Williamson and Hayes running in the rim. Sheesh.
By making the trade with Atlanta, the Pelicans have carved out about $30 million in cap space, which they may use to purchase more picks down the line or bring in some shooting ability to free up more room for the kids. Don’t be shocked if Griffin earns Jared Dudley, who spent four and a half seasons with Griffin in Phoenix, to help coach up the locker room and bring into a 3-and-D existence on the wing.
Oh, and by the waythey drafted the very best prospect because LeBron James.

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UFC 236 midweek betting odds: Holloway favored over Poirier, Adesanya over Gastelum

The UFC 236 PPV card is set to blast off this weekend in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Bloody Elbow is here to provide the.
UFC 236’Holloway vs Poirier 2 / Adesanya vs Gastelum’ Top Hidden Gem Fights To Watch The UFC has received flack regarding its bent for pitting potential versus prospect early in their careers. Well, the cap of the UFC 236 billing is one of those rare instances where we get a rematch of said potential vs. prospect matchmaking, however at the shape a high stakes name fight. The featherweight king of the promotion, Max Holloway will take on the company’s #3 rated 155-pounder Dustin Poirier at the primary event, with the winner capturing the UFC’s vacant interim lightweight belt.

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Best Sports Betting sites in Australia

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We have created the ultimate betting guide for punters, complete with odds, tips, testimonials and predictions.
List Of Greatest Online Betting Sites Australia
Betstar Betting Site Neds Betting Website Ladbrokes Betting Site Bet365 Betting Website BetEasy Betting Site Unibet Betting Website TopBetta Betting Site Palmerbet Betting Site Bookmaker Betting Site ClassicBet Betting Site In BettingTop10, we have created the greatest online gambling guides for Aussie punters, complete with reviews, betting sites, tips, predictions and odds.

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