BONDAGE GROUP SEX (Five BDSM Erotica Stories)

BONDAGE GROUP SEX (Five BDSM Erotica Stories)

Bondage team intercourse? Actually? All by itself is just incredibly hot after all, bondage. Group sex is way to avoid it there, too. Place the two of those together, and you will get scorching erotica that simply might melt your e-reader! Nasty Daydreams Press presents five team intercourse tales being specific to connect you up for a long time!

1. SURPRISED AND TIED DOWN (A Very Rough Double Penetration Bondage Fantasy Erotica tale) (Rough Bondage) by Tracy Bond

Faye positively requires smarter buddies, the kinds of friends that don’t send a video clip of a girls’ night to a message address that she stocks along with her spouse! Now she’s in because of it. She didn’t want to have that stripper’s cock in her lips, but she simply got swept up within the minute. Now, her husband Daryl is furious. In the side that is bright he’s happy to avoid a breakup, and Faye can do whatever needs doing. In this instance, whatever needs doing is a vicious rough bondage dual group intercourse knowledge about Daryl…and their closest friend! First rectal intercourse, dual group intercourse, and forced deepthroat—all because she had a drink or two way too many during the strip club!

2. TYING THE KNOT: An Extremely Harsh Honeymoon MFF Threesome Intercourse Brief by Stacy Reinhardt

Brenda is with deeply in love with Liam, the perfect man. The sole problem is that Liam marries her friend that is best Charise rather. The few also has got the gall to create her component for the main wedding party. Then, to top all of it down, Charise chooses to satisfy Liam’s mГ©nage a trois fantasy, and she asks Brenda to function as girl that is second! Brenda is merely planning to refuse whenever she understands she’s got the opportunity for revenge on Charise, revenge with extremely, extremely rough intercourse including forced deepthroat and Charise’s first difficult spanking that is erotic! 続きを読む