Let’s focus on the basics: what exactly is plagiarism, really?

You are surprised about what really counts when you look at the overall plagiarism definition. For instance, did you ever hear of incremental plagiarism? Also called “patchwork,” incremental plagiarism is what happens when you take odds and ends from multiple sources, without citing, and pass it off as your own work. That is common with specific turns of phrase or ideas, but it’s also what can happen in the event that you aren’t careful with citing all sources. A plagiarism that is free — or a subscription-based one — often helps catch these issues before they get to your teacher’s desk. All you have to do is tell the scheduled program“check paper for plagiarism”, and voila: peace of mind.

When we define plagiarism, we’re dealing with a multitude of issues — and a plagiarism that is free will catch many of them. Plagiarism can indicate deliberately copying from another source, whether it’s a novel, an academic paper, or perhaps the work of a classmate or previous student. 続きを読む