Toy Review: Fun Factory’s Stronic Zwei and Stronic Drei

Having ranked the Eins that is stronic amongst Top Twelve adult sex toys of 2012, I happened to be fascinated about maker Fun Factory’s 2nd and 3rd variants from the theme. Stronic meaning ‘strong’ in German, and Eins, Zwei and Drei translating as you, Two and Three correspondingly, I became interested to see just what might be different of a model which had currently broken the mould so impressively. Since the Stronic range comprises maybe perhaps not vibrators, but ‘pulsators’: that is to say the toys thrust by having an in-and-out movement as opposed to rumble just like a vibrator that is traditional. Put another way, even though the Fun Factory’s item description might really state otherwise the se are well used by penetration instead of outside (clitoral) stimulation.

What exactly of the Zwei? Well, this is actually the Stronic created primarily for anal usage, curved as it’s for prostate play along with the base that is flared avoid any involuntary sphincter swallowing of this doll.

Size-wise, well, let’s just say that along with vehement shakes regarding the mind there have been a few option terms talked by Mr More, who had been adamant it was too big for light-hearted use. I had to concur it seemed instead a challenge: the wide girth and size combined with general invasive ‘Stronic’ thrusting approach associated with Zwei proposed it absolutely was created for the greater amount of experienced anal fans amongst us – or at the least for people who aren’t effortlessly intimidated (or low on lube! ).

Therefore I passed the Zwei onto a (homosexual) male friend of mine, whose eyes had illuminated up whenever I’d initially pointed out it to him. Their ideas went similar to ours: “The Zwei is simply too big and too bulbous by the end for simple insertion, if you’re a size queen so it’s maybe one to work towards or to only attempt. I happened to be thinking We happened to be earlier than testing this, the good news is i am aware various: somehow it’s an experience that is different silicone compared to the flesh. 続きを読む