2.9. There Are Sociodemographic Distinctions in SNS Addiction

Research indicates there are sociodemographic distinctions among those dependent on social network. In terms of sex, psychotherapists technology-use that is treating addictions recommend SNS addiction can be more common in feminine in place of male clients, and explain this distinction predicated on use motivations:

(…) girls don’t play role-playing games mainly, but use social discussion boards exceptionally, so that you can experience interaction that is social other girls and most importantly to feel grasped within their extremely specific issue constellations, different from males, who wish to experience narcissistic gratification via games. What this means is girls want direct connection. They wish to feel grasped. They would like to have the ability to go to town. (…) we’re getting girls with medical pictures which are therefore pronounced that people need to admit them into inpatient treatment. (…) we need to develop methods of especially target girls definitely better since there seems a gap that is huge. Epidemiologically, they’ve been a rather group that is important but we’re not receiving them into consultation and therapy.

This quote highlights two essential findings. First, within the age bracket of 14–16 years, girls seem to show an increased prevalence of addictions to your Web and SNSs, as present in a representative sample that is german, and second, teenage girls might be underrepresented in medical examples. Furthermore, another research on a representative test demonstrated that the circulation of addiction requirements differs between genders and that extraversion is a character trait differentiating between intensive and addicting use 89. 続きを読む