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The Girlfriend Enjoy’s Amy Seimetz on Sexual Agency and Harassment

Seimetz’s show — which she writes, directs, functions in, and co-created — tackles ideas of consent and sexual agency during a watershed minute in Hollywood.

The sophomore season of Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan’s The Girlfriend Enjoy ended up being ready for broadcast well before This new York days broke the tale about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s decades of predation that exposed the floodgates of first-person #MeToo tales. However the period’s storyline — in regards to a intercourse worker in witness protection after switching on her behalf drug-dealing ex — can be prescient as ever, along with its explorations of intercourse, energy, and agency that is female. And Seimetz, that knows the business inside and out — she’s also an star whom memorably battled with a carnivorous predator in this summer time’s Alien: Covenant — is a great person to excavate those themes with this moment that is watershed.

“I’ve been with in these extremely uncomfortable situations before and I’ve needed to discover a way away from them, which sucks, in order to find my way to avoid it of these by laughing it well and saying, ‘You simply stated one thing actually unpleasant, and I’m simply likely to laugh at it whilst still being play cool, ’” Seimetz told The Advocate. 続きを読む