Exactly exactly How Asian internet dating sites cracked your biggest complaint—everyone lies online

On line dating internet site OKCupid has found an inexplicable amount of guys are actually precisely six foot high and you can find four times as many individuals whom claim to make $100,000 each year as there ought to be. False marketing, or misrepresentation, is standard in just about any market; the dating marketplace is no various.

While american sites that are dating taken a laissez faire method of lying, Asian mylol app internet dating sites have actually implemented severe measures to help keep users honest.

China’s largest website, Jiayuan.com, went right into a huge pr issue in 2011 when a guy swindled a lady he came across on the webpage. This incident intensified Jiayuan’s more basic problems that are reputational to lying on its web web web site. So Jiayuan developed an easy method for folks to verify the claims they make on the pages. 続きを読む