Sorry, but yess! Do it now!

I’ve been using this man and. He confessed in my opinion he likes me personally, and I also don’t really realize their emotions… I might text him straight back and he’d text straight back, then often he’d text me personally first. Then don’t text once more. Ugh. So what does he actually feel?

There’s some guy whom I’ve known since a year ago. I’ve noticed him searching like he just casually turned around and started staring at my face at me. There was clearly a good time whenever is foot moved mine intentionally! At first I wasn’t yes, but down the road, I’m pretty certain on purpose that he did it. Therefore now, we’re their studies at the exact same school and we bumped into one another like about four or five times per week, but we nevertheless can’t get acquainted with him. Recently, he does not appear to look it’s just me at me as much as before, or maybe? Anyway, we wanna ask you to answer dudes if you were to think he could be nevertheless enthusiastic about me personally or otherwise not? I’m dying to understand that I kinda have a crush on him if he does cause you can say. 続きを読む