Citi ® Flex Loan Access money from your own Citi card’s current personal line of credit.

See in the event your Citi bank card comes with an offer that will help you manage life’s anticipated and unforeseen costs. No credit or application inquiry if you’re a Citi cardmember.

A way that is simple access fast funds along with your Citi charge card.

Citi Flex Loan

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Citi Flex Loan on Card

Citi ® Flex Loan Fast funds, right from your Citi Card

Why choose Citi Flex Loan?

Fixed APR

The attention price of the offer will stay fixed through the duration of the loan.

No Application

A Citi Flex Loan leverages the credit that is existing on your Citi charge card, generally there’s no application, credit inquiry or origination charge. 続きを読む