Disable Startup Software

We don’t see many Windows Vista issues these days (thankfully), and we have a system already configured with it for troubleshooting, so I haven’t had to install it. While Windows 7 still has extended support into 2020, Vista’s extended support ends April 11th, 2017. Given that there won’t be patches for Vista in the very near future, I would really recommend upgrading to a newer version of Windows as soon as possible.

Pausing Updates

My first install of Windows 7 got stuck on the updating process, and I tried all kinds of things to fix it before deciding that maybe in all my troubleshooting I had just broken things even more. Then I installed the OS again and the same thing happened. Once I nailed down a process to get everything working, I determined what wasn’t necessary in the steps I had taken in order to make a guide for it. I figured other people would definitely run into the same issue given that the problem came up every single time I tried to install Windows 7.

I too had to download the extra files at the end to get it to work, but I finally did. If it has been in use for a while, it is possible that it may not be needed. Also, it requires the April 2015 servicing stack update in order to install (step 2). You can try skipping it if this is not a new install of Windows 7. I was so happy to find this site doing a Google search “new install of windows 7 sp1 will not update” and your article was the first in the list.

After 2 moths of frustration I found and followed your advice steps 1 to 13 and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit windows update now works exceedingly well. Hello Sadat, I’m sorry to hear the steps aren’t working for you. You may want to try carefully following the guide once more.

  • In fact, with the release of 20H1 build 19030, Microsoft removed the build number watermark from the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • So, the release of the next “real” feature update (currently called 20H1) has been moved up three months.
  • We should see it sometime in mid to late December.
  • Which typically means the new version is near finalization.

Alternatively, there are the other 13 methods that Microsoft provides to fix Windows Update issues mentioned in the last paragraph of the article. If all else fails, you may want to try contacting Microsoft for further assistance, but the steps in the article should get things working again.

You should not have to do all this just to get a service to work. Microsoft should not be selling windows 7, or Windows 10 for that matter. Why can’t Microsoft just add a patch to download just like the Genuine verification file. 100% agree with everything you and others have said in their posts.

Very nice advice, unfortunately it did not work on my fresh windows msvcr110.dll – WikiDll 7 home edition. I still can’t get windows update to work, it just sits there for hours if I let it, doing nothing. I will keep searching, thank you for the post. After installation of the 5 downloads, Win 7 updated with 81 downloads (I hadn’t been able to update for over two months)!.

April 2020 Update (Kb : Bsod, Deleted/moved Files

So you should be okay to use them with your computer. Though I would note that any time you’re making major changes to your computer, it is recommended to make a backup of your data just in case. Thank you, this fixed my problem, tried a few other suggestions on the web without any luck.